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Who is canaDan? Well I'm just a torontonian guy showing his appreciation for all things canadian. My mission, find the true meaning of canadian culture, through it's talents and styles. hope you all enjoy eh!
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Nothing more Canadian than the boys from Sunnyvale trailer park


Lovin’ the new single!!! :D


Lovin’ the new single!!! :D

Are Canadians Nice?

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1. We have an accent- “rouf” “aboot”

Sorry to disappoint, most of us say roof and about correctly.

2. Igloos are the house of choice

Yes, igloos are pretty epic, and a great part of native heritage, but our housing covers a great range if either in a farm out west or way up in the sky in a downtown core

3. Hockey is our national sport

Hockey did start in Canada, but our national sport is a close cousin of it. One that has always been able to been played all year round, the wonderful game of lacrosse.

4. It is winter for 9 months of the year

This one makes me laugh, Canada has four seasons, it’s not just a blanket of snow and ice. Look at the temperatures we’ve been having this year even as proof.

5. Mounties are the only police force in Canada

Not even, the RCMP is our national police and can fit in any tier from national to municipal outlook. They are even recognized worldwide.  We still have the regular police departments, ie ETF. 

6. Canada’s capitol is Toronto

I honestly wish it was the case, and in my mind it’s the unofficial capitol. Our capitol is actually Ottawa, a city straddling the boarders of Quebec and Ontario. It’s not as big as Toronto, but with this being said the city still has a great feel and strong heritage.

7. Continuously eat from Tim Hortons

Well, with there being so many Tim Hortons throughout the country and it’s low prices who would suspect that? But, this isn’t the only food joint in Canada, there’s a great array of foods and talents to be enjoyed by our palettes. For instance Harvey’s and Swiss Chalet are two other Canadian food chains.

8. We all love Nickleback

Nickleback is a Canadian band, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion about music. There are probably just as many haters in Canada as anywhere else. If you enjoy them, listen on…

9. Canada wants to be part of the US incredibly badly

We are the neighbor to the north, let’s leave it that way. If we wanted to join we would have a long time ago. Canada has it’s own culture, identity, and values. It’s paid off, because other countries enjoy Canadian tourists more than American.

10. All of us live in the wild

This would be so cool, maybe we would have if the immigrants didn’t assimilate the natives. The closest to us living in the wild is either living near a park or living in the countryside. I wish i could say “Yeah I just rode my bear to school today, grabbed my berry and nut lunch by the pond, and had to fight two moose, a horse, and a wolf before I got here.”

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this mask made me think of rico the zombie

enewms' favourite canadian thing. timmies

neighbour to the norths cash spread

neighbour to the norths cash spread

buddies chillin with the statue

CCBBEAU's favourite canadian thing

bagged milk